Living in the old city of Breda

The inner singles of Breda are very popular as a residential area. The Nijverheidssingel, an old industrial street that is part of this, is being developed by the municipality into a ring bike route around the center. With the redevelopment of this office building, Magis Real Estate is taking the first step towards the revitalization of this area.

The Nijverheidssingel is situated in the old area of Breda. An industrial area was created here in the 19th century. The city architect Cuypers had said that this part was very suitable for 'factories, laying and unloading places for wood, stones, rubble, dredging and manure ...'

This former office building has since undergone a transformation and is now equipped with 25 spacious apartments for starters on the housing market.

Nijverheidssingel 317, Breda

1500 m² NIA

Number of residences:
25 apartments

Project completed on:
August 1st, 2019

Jessie Meulendijk

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